Phase I

A Proof-of-Concept Repository for Learning Objects:
Supporting the Reuse and Repurposing of Redesigned Courses and Their Content

This phase demonstrates how a learning object repository containing the content from the U.S. History I, a Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board funded redesigned course developed at UNT, can support broad access to the course content and support reusing and repurposing of the learning objects.

Phase II

The Texas Course Redesign Learning Object Repository:
Research and Development for a Production System

This phase moves the proof-of-concept learning object repository forward towards a production level system. The proposed work is multi-faceted with specific attention to key areas including: technical development and enhancements; policy and procedure development related to intellectual property rights and licensing; research into user requirements and usability testing to inform the next version of the LOR; training and marketing; and assessment and evaluation.